Promotions Committee


The job of the Promotion committee is to PROMOTE our downtown as the center of commerce, culture and community life for residents and visitors alike. To be effective, the promotions committee must move beyond the typical “tried-and-true” downtown promotion ideas of yesteryear.

​You must think about promotion in a broader sense and develop new strategies by:

Understanding the changing market – both potential shoppers and your “competition”

Identifying downtown asset

Identifying downtown asset, including people, buildings, heritage, and distinction, and building on the “brand” of our downtown using those assets as the base of your promotions

Strategic Vision of Grayling Main Street

Committing to the Strategic Vision of the Grayling Main Street program, and focusing on promotions that accentuate the strategy of the organization.


Creating NEW image campaigns, retail promotions, and special events – to entice people back downtown

An effective Organization Committee member will demonstrate these and other characteristics:

  • Knows or has a willingness to learn and support the Main Street 4-Point Approach.
  • Has a basic understanding of the economic circumstances of small retailers.
  • Has skills or interest in finance, volunteer development, and/or fund-raising.
  • Has a genuine desire to serve on the committee.
  • Expresses self clearly, yet eagerly exchanges ideas with others.
  • Keeps an open mind about new ideas.
  • Thinks about the ‘big picture,” striving to focus on details that support the strategic vision of the Grayling Main Street Program.
  • Cooperates willingly in a team effort.
  • Stays focused on the task at hand.
  • Rolls up sleeves willingly and pitches in to do the committee’s work
  • Carries out plans and projects in a timely and​ professional manner.

Organization Committee
Meeting Dates


*Meeting dates/times are subject to change if needed.

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